२६ औँ कानून व्यवसायी महिला सम्मेलन सिन्धुली जिल्ला बारको आतिथ्यतामा सिन्धुलीमा हुँदैछ साथै लेख र रजिष्ट्रशन दस्तुर सम्बन्धमा विस्तृत विवरण डाउनलोडमा हेर्नु होला

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    Notice As for the information provided by Sida, Nepal Bar Association is pleased to announce to the practicing lawyers to apply for the nomination as the candidates to the Sida financed Advanced International Training Programme on Intellectual Property for Least Developed Countries (ITP:313a), Intellectual Property for Least Developed Countries (313a) April 9th – 28th, 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden. Also follow for Regional follow-up, October 15th – October 20th, 2017. The candidates need to download the brochure and application form which are attached in digital versions on the website http://www.prv.se/en/our-services/training/programmes/ please response directly to the email international@prv.se, meerahome123@gmail.com and neba@wlink.com.np. The last day for application is February 7, 2017.